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Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter 25 February 2015 137
Cannabis is many times less dangerous than alcohol, claims study 25 February 2015 136
Shock Video! US Government Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers 24 February 2015 113
Christian Singer Claims Jay-Z Hosts Eyes Wide Shut-Style Occult Parties 24 February 2015 113
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson: ‘Employees on the front lines will be forced to come to work without pay’ 24 February 2015 112
I was an American sniper, and Chris Kyle’s war was not my war 24 February 2015 101
Cancer is Not a Disease – it is a Symptom 24 February 2015 131
So You Want to Help Africa Mr Paterson? Then Stop Promoting Ideology and Falsehoods to Push GMOs 24 February 2015 107
British Columbia dumps over 34 million gallons of raw sewage, pesticides and pharmaceuticals into the Pacific every day 24 February 2015 92
MIT States That Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto 24 February 2015 88
Holistic Christian families now criminalized in America; parents having to flee with children 23 February 2015 111
Wage Increase In Walmart Could Indicate An Improvement In Employment 23 February 2015 103
Political Correctness Hampering ‘Free Speech’ In UK Universities 23 February 2015 72
Animal welfare lobby accused of ‘wild-eyed obsession’ with religious slaughter claim Jewish and Muslim groups 23 February 2015 75
Revealed: PR firm for the government’s obesity campaign works for fast-food giants including Mars, KFC and Walkers crisps 23 February 2015 74
The ‘Too Big To Fail’ Have Stopped Being Banks. They have become Huge Criminal Enterprises Involved in Market Manipulation 23 February 2015 71
How Wall Street’s Greedy Tentacles Sank Into Schools, Trapping Them in Massive Debts 22 February 2015 125
Yoga leads to Satan, says Northern Ireland priest 22 February 2015 89
Remarkable correlation between fatal Glasgow bin lorry crash and Brad Pitt film shot at the SAME location 22 February 2015 118
Police Are Writing $150 Tickets For People Who Warm Up Their Unattended Cars 22 February 2015 88
Vaccine horrors: Medical mutilation of innocent children exposed in GRAPHIC photos of ‘safe’ vaccines gone horribly wrong 22 February 2015 83
Blind, deaf and in a wheelchair: Eight-year-old Ava told to claim benefits in Germany 22 February 2015 118
The shameless way the world of finance is luring kids 22 February 2015 82
‘Peak food’ production now a reality as corporate chemical agriculture continues to fall apart 22 February 2015 85
No Charges for Cops Who Broke Into Innocent Man’s Home While He Slept and Shot Him 16 Times 22 February 2015 95
Trash Your Pineal Gland: This Movie Symbol Shows How Society is Programmed for Self-Destruction 22 February 2015 89
Manipulations & Mind Games: The Secret Battle to Control How We Think 22 February 2015 41
Anti-homeless spikes: ‘Sleeping rough opened my eyes to the city’s barbed cruelty’ 22 February 2015 72
After Blizzard Closes Campus, Harvard Spends $800,000 to Combat ‘Global Warming’ 22 February 2015 84
Half a million people have benefits suspended in welfare crackdown 22 February 2015 71

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