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People who refused to work for free could get £130million benefits payout after court says retrospective laws breach human rights 07 July 2014 60
Global warming is creating MORE ice: Antarctic levels reach a record high because of climate change, scientists claim 07 July 2014 63
Red Cross refuses to disclose how it spent Hurricane Sandy money, says it's a 'trade secret' 04 July 2014 127
Establishment Pushing “Cashless Society” to Control Humanity 04 July 2014 107
NYPD brutally arrest man on subway ‘for sleeping on way from work’ 04 July 2014 97
NYPD brutally arrest man on subway ‘for sleeping on way from work’ (2) 04 July 2014 113
Ebola outbreak surges in Africa with a 38% increase in deaths this week alone 04 July 2014 106
BBC Installing Facial Recognition Scanners In People’s Homes To Gauge Audience Reactions 04 July 2014 109
Starving British children are looking for food in rubbish bins 04 July 2014 84
UK terror alert: body searches at British airports 04 July 2014 98
'Return to sender!' Hundreds of furious Californian protestors block road to buses carrying 140 illegal immigrant women and children - forcing them to turn back to border post 03 July 2014 121
Interest On New Student Loans Rises By 20% 03 July 2014 121
Medical police state at U.S. immigration camps as doctors threatened with arrest for talking about infectious disease 03 July 2014 150
Rabbit-hutch Britain: Growing health concerns as UK sets record for smallest properties in Europe 03 July 2014 90
Scotland’s Independence from the United Kingdom: What Happens to England? 02 July 2014 116
Chris Martenson – People Will Be Wiped Out In Coming Crash 02 July 2014 125
McDonald’s Goes Broke in Bolivia Due to Boycott 02 July 2014 103
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and other cities headed for imminent water supply collapse; wave of drought refugees now inevitable 02 July 2014 160
Obama’s Planned Re-education Camps of America 02 July 2014 119
Whistleblower Confirms Secret Underground Base beneath Denver Int’l Airport 02 July 2014 171
Hundreds of children under 10 being subject to stop and search 02 July 2014 91
Rolf Harris ‘visited Broadmoor hospital with Jimmy Savile’ 02 July 2014 85
Google Glass wearers can steal your ATM passcode with a glance from 10 feet away 02 July 2014 122
Workers on Detroit water shutoffs: “They are making it so you can’t live” 02 July 2014 78
Households face higher bills to cover £250billon cost of upgrading UK's crumbling roads, railways and utilities and poor will be hit hardest, MPs warn 02 July 2014 37
Can a Slave Ever Truly Understand Freedom? 02 July 2014 61
Disabled man left with malnutrition after waiting EIGHT MONTHS for benefits he was owed 02 July 2014 68
How Military Exercises Are Killing Millions of Sea Creatures Every Year 30 June 2014 101
Detroit's Water War: a tap shut-off that could impact 300,000 people 30 June 2014 187
Hidden expenses make UK monarchy world’s most expensive government institution 30 June 2014 106

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