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Oxford whistleblower’s attempt to protect young victim of a sadistic gang went unheeded 06 March 2015 112
France wants companies to make appliances that last longer 05 March 2015 117
Government Can’t Fire Employees Who Spend Six Hours a Day Watching Pornography 05 March 2015 105
Six years of flat interest rates has cost savers £130BILLION: Figure equates to £5,000 for every home in the UK 05 March 2015 130
‘Starry Eyes’ : A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works 05 March 2015 134
Keiser report: UK’s crackhead economic policies 05 March 2015 106
Americans to Receive Full Biometric Treatment for all Forms of European Travel 05 March 2015 89
Federal Reserve insider Alan Greenspan warns: There will be a ‘significant market event … something big is going to happen’ 05 March 2015 137
Catholic Doctors Speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control? 05 March 2015 94
Britain’s Elite Still Enjoying a Tax Break 100 Years Old 05 March 2015 81
Former NASA Consultant Admits That Winters are Going to Get Colder … Much Colder 05 March 2015 79
Authorities launch crackdown on FAIRIES as mystery doors for the little people overwhelm woodland 05 March 2015 58
HSBC tax dodge: George Osborne squirms as he refuses to answer questions on scandal SIX times 05 March 2015 65
White House Involved in Illegal Email Scandal With Hillary Clinton 05 March 2015 78
A paedophile priest, two bishops and a sickening conspiracy of silence: He married Frank Bruno and said Mass for Delia Smith. But behind the glitz was one of the Catholic Church’s dirtiest secrets 05 March 2015 27
Harvey Proctor’s home searched in establishment child sex abuse investigation 05 March 2015 55
The Chef of the Future Could Be a Robot—IBM Is Cooking Up Another Assault on Skilled Labor 03 March 2015 102
Did Homer Simpson discover the HIGGS BOSON? Maths in 1998 episode predicts particle’s mass 14 years before CERN 03 March 2015 92
How NUTS could be nature’s statin: Even peanuts reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and early death, claims study 03 March 2015 117
Privacy glasses that let you go incognito in a world filled with facial recognition software 03 March 2015 92
Councillor linked to David Cameron’s election team to be slammed in child sex abuse report 03 March 2015 89
Michael Sheen Tears Into NHS Cuts In Blistering Speech 03 March 2015 96
Senior counter-terrorism official: ‘Travelers, women, may not be allowed to leave London, terror to blame; passports can be revoked’ 02 March 2015 97
Shocking video emerges of Los Angeles police officers stun gun a Skid Row homeless man before shooting him dead as he lay on the ground in broad daylight 02 March 2015 103
Nearly 100,000 of Britain's poorest children go hungry after parents' benefits are cut 02 March 2015 100
World’s Richest Woman Fantasizes About Slave Wages 02 March 2015 96
Child Protective Services Kids Found in Human Trafficking 02 March 2015 67
Snow forecast for ALL 50 states: Records continue to tumble as the country experiences coldest month in decades 02 March 2015 79
Measles hysteria leads daycare directors to order parents to subject children to invasive blood draws 02 March 2015 77
The Jeb Bush Protest You Didn’t See – Heckled, Booed and The Walk Out 02 March 2015 92

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