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How Planned Parenthood and the vaccine industry sacrifice the lives of children on the altar of medical profits and eugenics 07 August 2015 547
Food seizures begin: Venezuela farmers ordered to turn over their food to the government 07 August 2015 314
‘Britain needs more slums': Think-tank forced to defend blog proposing favela-style dwellings in the UK 07 August 2015 345
Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn pledges to renationalise the Big Six energy firms 07 August 2015 316
Artificial sweeteners cause heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems, study suggests 07 August 2015 375
School ‘banishes’ seven-year-old student for saying he doesn’t believe in God – lawsuit 07 August 2015 301
Fat toddlers will be sent to weekly weight loss class: Children will be fed fruit and raw vegetables while parents are taught about limiting portion sizes 07 August 2015 404
Poll that suggests majority of UK voters back austerity rubbished by economists 07 August 2015 324
Nashville Theatre Shooting: Alleged Gunman With Hatchet, Found Strapped To ‘Hoax Explosive Device’ 07 August 2015 346
Obese people who refuse to lose weight could see benefits cut, David Cameron to announce 05 August 2015 374
Sun columnist Katie Hopkins calls for ‘euthanasia vans’ as Britain has ‘far too many old people’ 05 August 2015 274
National Geographic is the propaganda arm of Monsanto, the world’s most evil corporation 05 August 2015 293
Police Remove Children from Caring Parents, Gave them To a Man Who Raped them for Six Years 05 August 2015 281
Ken Clarke ‘groping’ accuser found not guilty of making a false claim 05 August 2015 271
British Gas profits from family bills soar by 99% – so why have they only cut their prices by 5%? 05 August 2015 278
Video shows Canadian Conservative MPs reading from identical script 05 August 2015 284
Osama bin Laden’s sister and stepmother feared dead in Hampshire plane crash 05 August 2015 288
First-ever live exorcism to be aired on Halloween 05 August 2015 274
Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out 05 August 2015 285
Gay Man Pulled From Home, Beaten By NYPD Officers Yelling ‘Faggot’ In Horrifying Video 05 August 2015 248
Healing through music, not drugs: Brain-wave music therapy miraculously reduces night terrors, bad behavior in children 05 August 2015 208
Who Needs a Billboard? New Ads of the Future Will Be Beamed Directly into Your Head 05 August 2015 461
More parents turn to homeschooling: 62% increase in the last decade 05 August 2015 247
Planned Parenthood suggests ‘pooping’ on partner for teen ‘sexual exploration’ 05 August 2015 260
The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics 05 August 2015 248
The Pagan Origins of Modern Day Christianity 05 August 2015 244
Plan requiring landlords to evict illegal immigrants ‘could lead to violence’ 05 August 2015 263
Mass starvation expected in Venezuela after socialist government nationalizes food distribution system 05 August 2015 271
The Rent is Too Damn High: San Fran Residents Pay $1,000/Mth To Live In Shipping Containers 05 August 2015 251
Ted Heath to Cyril Smith: Five high-profile political figures we know have been accused of child sex abuse 05 August 2015 254

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